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World Fantasy

Oh, I’ve been quiet!  But at least I can report that my radio silence was the result of some intense writing.  Finished a book, working on a novella.  And I find that the more life-force I pour into writing fiction, the less I have to say out loud, both on this blog and in the world at large.  When I tell civilians in my non-writing life that I write books, they are sometimes amazed at the stuff lurking behind my quiet, rather innocuous exterior.  Heh, what shadow lurks etc…

Anyway, I am going this week to WFC and I’m super excited about it. It’s my first time!  If any WFC veterans are reading this, any advice about the con is deeply appreciated – my goal is only to listen, enjoy, and learn.

I’m speaking on a panel 10 a.m. Sunday morning about Urban Fantasy, and I will be at the Friday night signing.  I will listen and learn, and will come back to report.  Have a wonderful week, all!


  1. Steve Nagy says:

    See you in the bar.

  2. Valere says:

    Yay, writing is always good!!!

    in Germany

    • admin says:

      I am gunning to finish this novella before WFC. Love deadlines for work, even if they are not contract-related ones! Hope all is well, Val!

  3. LM Preston says:

    Can’t wait to read how great a time you had and about your talk and signing!

  4. Steve Nagy says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend, Michelle. Always nice to make new friends. Glad you enjoyed yourself and looking forward to catching up again in the future.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Steve. This was one of the friendliest cons I’ve ever been to. Had a total blast :) I’ll get a quick conference report up sometime today. Glad you had a good time, too!

  5. Mel K. says:

    “Amazing, the things you can pick up at the bar” LOL! Oh, if I had a nickle for every time I thought that back in my party days. :-)
    Hope you had a great time, Michele. And I hope you had a fun Halloween!

    • admin says:

      LOL Mel K…some of my greatest insights were gained over a glass of something nice, sitting with friends. I had a fantastic time, and will update and clean up here at Da Blog today and tomorrow! Thanks for all the good wishes :)

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