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Transcript from last night's live chat

I had an amazing time chatting with Lucienne Diver and a really great group of folks at The Knight Agency last night — we had a great time celebrating LADY LAZARUS and Lucienne’s new release, REVAMPED, and our special, super sekrit guest was none other than agent Kristin Nelson!

TKA has posted a full transcript so that you can get all the chatty goodness for yourself.  We talked about big hair, cookie dough, fallen angels, writer perseverence, courage, and so much more.   You will also find great insights into what agents are looking for, new and exciting projects on the horizon, and much more.

There’s a link posted at the TKA blog, along with links to articles Lucienne and I referenced during the chat:

Thanks so much to everybody who could make it out last night!  It was tons of fun :)

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