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Release Day for LADY LAZARUS: Mass Market Paperback Edition

Whee — she’s out in mass market now! Here are some buy links for you:

Amazon (and check it – they lowered the price for the Kindle edition — same low price as the mass market.  Yey, Tor!)

Barnes & Noble (and it’s the same low price in electronic format for Nook! Yey!)

Macmillan (parent publisher of Tor)

I’m having a launch party over on Facebook today — a new free ebook is uploaded there (published on all formats at Smashwords) for your entertainment.  I’ll be posting cool tidbits, interviews, videos, etc, over there…and there may be more prezzies in store for folks who stop by (I’m in a celebratory mood!)

Here’s the link to the free ebook if you don’t have time to swing by the party:

available in all formats at Smashwords

Thanks so much to everybody for the support.  This book was a long time coming, and it is so great to see it in the wild, finding its way into readers’ hands.  Let me know how the nonfic ebook works for you!

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