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Podcasting for Authors: Three Questions for Gail Z. Martin

I had the pleasure of interviewing podcaster and author Gail Z. Martin, who I met this year at Lunacon.  In part one of the interview, we talked about the perils and pleasures of writing historical fantasy; today’s post explores podcasting, both as a place for exploring your own creativity, and also as a medium for reaching out to other writers and to readers too.

 When and why did you create your podcast, Ghost in the Machine? 

 I created Ghost in the Machine ( about two years ago.  I did it because I was meeting so many interesting people at conventions and having great conversations, and I wanted to share that with a broader audience.  It also gave me a way to introduce my new friends to my readers and to get to know my friend’s readers as well.

 What is the most effective way for authors to prepare for a podcast interview?

 If you can get the questions in advance, then think of conversation answers that are short and interesting.  Don’t focus on selling your book; focus on providing useful or entertaining information.  Mention your book’s name, and mention your web site, but never say “you’ll have to read the book” instead of answering a question.

What advice do you have for authors who want to give more podcast interviews, or who want to begin podcasting themselves? 

 Tee Morris has a great book, Podcasting for Dummies (lots of folks know Tee from the con circuit).  Sites like Podcast Alley and Podiobooks also have good info on how to get started if you want to do podcasting.  And there are often podcast panels at conventions—show up, listen, and ask questions. 

As far as getting more podcast interviews, do some web searches to find podcasts that focus on your kind of book, and then find out who the host is.  Send an email with an introduction and an interesting idea of what you could talk about on their podcast that would be of interest or help to their listeners.  Remember, their job is to entertain, not to sell books, so you have to provide value to their listeners.

 Thanks so much, Gail. To find out more about her upcoming release, THE SWORN, check here for a sneak peek!


  1. Ed Smith says:

    Your comment that their job is to entertain can’t be stressed enough. The audience rules and the author needs to tailor their content to fit their interests. Thanks, Ed Smith

    • admin says:

      This is a critical point for writers to get — we are so passionate about our book and its vision that it’s hard sometimes to see how to bring the book, and our “author brand,” to the podcast audience’s interest. That’s why it’s good to learn about any podcast, radio show and its audience in advance of an appearance on a show.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Ed!

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