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Left Behind and (Almost) Loving It

This week is RWA Nationals, and romance writers are converging on Disney World to talk shop, learn craft, make important connections, and immerse themselves in the writing world with their tribe.  It’s awe-inspiring, exhausting, and hilarious — often all in the same moment :)

This year, for various reasons, I am not able to go to Nationals.  Part of me is sad to miss the chance to meet up with my writing buddies again, but I intend to make the most of the time I have here at home.  I love the total focus on the industry at Nationals, but this year I need the focus to be on my writing and the creative process itself.  I need to go deep, and to do that I need to concentrate my focus. (Thanks Kaz for the idea of tapping your passion, going deep as the engine for discipline, and unplugging from the eworld to do that!)

I am going to *pretend* I’m going to Nationals, and will take a writer’s retreat from the Internet beginning Wednesday, July 28th.  I’ll be back on Monday, August 2nd.  Until then, check out these fantastic resources, and make an online version of Nationals for yourself this week too!

*For a couple of years, the amazing Paperback Writer held a Left Behind and Loving It online symposium.  Check here for a free e-book PBW made of the LB & LI series (this one is from 2009 but you can find links to the other ones on the sidebar at her blog) and learn about craft, the writing life, and more.

*This year, Romance Divas is having an online conference, Not Going to Conference Conference, to coincide with Nationals, with workshops and prizes.  You need to sign up with the forum but it’s free.

*Alison Kent is hosting an ongoing Artist’s Way creative cluster at her blog (thanks to Charlene Teglia for the tip).

Have a fantastic week, and wish me luck as I go deep into my writing :)


  1. Karen Mahoney says:

    I wish you well going deeper. :)

    Thanks for the initial inspiration – you got me thinking about this stuff. Happy writing!


    • admin says:

      Hey Kaz — thanks for the kind words! Your post got me thinking about what drives inspiration, how exactly passion and discipline do work together. And instead of bemoaning my lack of writerly virtue, I’ve decided to celebrate my passion instead and give myself the time and space to express it.

      Thanks again my friend :)

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