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Coming Soon: Two New Releases

A lot of fun stuff to share…

But first, a quick update on how things are going out here. I got slammed along with the rest of the tri-state area by Superstorm Sandy and the big snowstorm that came the week after. So I have been offline for a long time. It gave me time to think (and scheme) and ultimately that is all for the good. But I am still reeling from the  suffering of all the people here who are still grappling with the aftermath of these storms. And also amazed by the awesomeness of so many of my friends and neighbors :)

On to the stories. I have stories in two new anthologies that are coming out in the next few weeks, and wanted to show you the beautiful covers and give you a quick overview of each. I had such a great time writing these two very different stories, and will give you the heads up again when they go live.

“The Phoenix of Mulberry Street”

A short story set in the rich, lush, gorgeous historical fantasy universe of Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Masters. Muckraker and Fire Master Jane Emerson rescues a mysterious little match girl and does battle with a robber baron with a dragon’s lust for treasure. Magic on the Lower East Side in 1885…I loved writing this story, in this world. Publishers Weekly called this story “complex and evocative.”

I think the other stories in this collection are masterful! Out December 4th…here are some purchase links for you:


Barnes & Noble:


Book Depository:




“Fade Away and Radiate”

A futuristic tale of betrayal and redemption on a faraway snow-blasted planet. Set in my Netherwood universe, and featuring Anika Bowman, an interplanetary gardener running  for her life from the truth back on Earth. She can’t resist the brash, sexy as hell, genetically-modified soldier hell-bent on saving her from corporate murderers…love found in a dangerous time.

This looks to be an amazing anthology of futuristic romance stories, coming out in January — I’m looking forward to reading these stories myself. Here are the buy links:


Barnes & Noble:

Books A Million:


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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