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Category: highlights

Where in the world...

Penumbra eMag Vol 1 Issue 9 - Click Image to Close Hello! I have been quiet lately, but it’s not for lack of writing. I thought I’d give you a quick update on upcoming releases and appearances:

*”The Triumph of Arachne,” a SF story featuring hubris, catharsis, and spiders in space, is featured in the June issue of Penumbra Magazine

*”Facial Recognition,” a romantic SF story, will be appearing in the Mirror Shards anthology, releasing in August from Black Moon Books

*”Fade Away and Radiate,” a SF romance short story, is appearing in the Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance, coming in December 2012

*DARK VICTORY, book 2 in the Lady Lazarus trilogy, will be releasing in mmpb format in February 2013 (and I will share the amazing cover for this edition as soon as I can…)

*REBEL ANGELS, book 3 and final book in the Lady Lazarus trilogy, is coming in March 2013 (I think…and I can’t wait to share the cover for this book with you. It is GORGEOUS!)

*I have some other stories that I *think* will find homes soon. Will give you updates when I can.

In the last year, I have fallen in love with writing in the short form, and I am having a blast finding markets for the short stories I am writing lately.

As for appearances…

I am going to be at the LIRW luncheon tomorrow, though sadly I have lost my voice and may have to do an interpretive dance instead of using words to describe my works in progress :-) Drinking warm tea and trying my best to conserve what little is left of my voice.

Once again, I am going to be a Guest of Honor at ConnectiCon this July — LOVE this conference! Can’t wait to come back!

More events are in the works, and I will let you know when I emerge from my writer’s lair again…

Long Island Romance Writers Meeting -- An Indie Pub Resource List

Had an amazing time with the members of the Long Island Romance Writers (LIRW) yesterday, where best-selling author Pat Ryan and I talked about the e-publishing revolution.  Here are some online resources for you to check out — I’ll get these onto my sidebar eventually:

Publishing Platforms

General – Indie Publishing

Formatting Services/Guides

Legal Issues/Directories of Literary Lawyers


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