Uncollected Anthology

Uncollected Anthology

anthology: a collection of selected literary pieces

uncollected: not collected or gathered together

oxymoron: a combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings

The Uncollected Anthology series is indeed an oxymoron. Sprung from the minds of seven fabulous authors who love fantasy, short stories, and each other’s writing, the series’ main goal is to bring you quality urban fantasy fiction.

Uncollected Anthology: When you can’t get enough of the stories you love.

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The Witch of Budapest (Winter Witches) by Michele Lang

The Witch of Budapest Short Story, Winter Witches

Lovebirds (Lovespells Anthology) by Michele Lang

Lovebirds Uncollected Anthology: Lovespells

Kitty of Death by Michele Lang

Kitty of Death Uncollected Anthology: Magical Libraries

Fear's Mirror by Michele Lang

Fear's Mirror Uncollected Anthology: Enchanted Emporiums

In The Manner of Snake Vs. Stone Uncollected Anthology: Fabulous Familiars

Burning Up Uncollected Anthology: Bewitching Love

Avenge Me Uncollected Anthology: Spells Gone Awry

Hello Darkness Uncollected Anthology: Warlocks

Badlands Uncollected Anthology: Urban Western

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