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In Fiction River: Past Crime Anthology

Laws change from culture to culture, decade to decade.

Strange laws make criminals of ordinary citizens. Like the Massachusetts woman whose brother asks her for help, slave hunters at his heels. Or the Chinese immigrant who finds himself in the middle of a crooked game of Fan Tan. Or the Native American detective searching New York’s Stonewall Bar for a ratfink on the night of a world-changing riot.

“Stolen in Passing” by Dory Crowe
“Choices” by Laura Ware
“The Monster in Our Midst” by Kris Nelscott
“The Raiders” by Cat Rambo
“The Piper’s Plot” by Anthea Lawson
“She Walks in Beauty” by Brenda Carre
“The Priest Hunter” by Patrick O’Sullivan
“The Horns of Hathor” by Richard Quarry
“Impressions” by Lisa Silverthorne
“An Education for Thursday” by Dean Wesley Smith
“New World Gambles” by Leah Cutter
“The Bank Teller” by Jamie McNabb
“The Curious Case of the Ha’Penny Detective” by Lee Allred
“Blood and Lightning on the Newport Highway” by Elizabeth Castle
“Deathmobile” by Michele Lang
“The Stonewall Rat” by JC Andrijeski


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