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Short Stories & Collections

Short Stories & Collections

A Work of Darkness by Michele Lang

A Work of Darkness A Short Story

Cloud and Sparrow In Tales of Valdemar: Pathways

Cloud Born In Tales of Valdemar: Choices

Deathmobile (Fiction River: Past Crime) by Michele Lang

Deathmobile In Fiction River: Past Crime Anthology

Facial Recognition (Mirror Shards) by Michele Lang

Facial Recognition In Mirror Shards Vol. 2

Maiden's Hope (Tales of Valdemar: No True Way) by Michele Lang

Maiden's Hope In Tales of Valdemar: No True Way

She Chooses (Tales of the Valdemar: Crucible) by Michele Lang

She Chooses In Tales of the Valdemar: Crucible

Sparrow's Gift In Tales of Valdemar: Tempest

Sucker's Game (Jewish Noir Anthology) by Michele Lang

Sucker’s Game In Jewish Noir Anthology

The King of the River Rats (Elemental Masters: Elementary) by Michele Lang

The King of the River Rats In Elemental Masters: Elementary

The Laws of Magic In A Very Faerie Christmas Anthology

The Phoenix of Mulberry Street (Elemental Masters: Elemental Magic) by Michele Lang

The Phoenix of Mulberry Street In Elemental Masters: Elemental Magic

The Quality of Mercy In Fiction River: Hidden in Crime Anthology

Into the Real by Michele Lang

The Triumph of Arachne In Into the Real

The Upstanders: Silver by Michele Lang

The Upstanders: Silver A Short Story

The Walled Garden by Michele Lang

The Walled Garden A Short Story

The Weaver (Fiction River: Sparks) by Michele Lang

The Weaver A Short Story


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