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Printable Booklist

For your convenience, here is a: Printable List of Michele Lang’s Books.

Paranormal Romance

The Sacred Circle Series
Ms. Pendragon
Mists of Manhattan

Urban Fantasy

Lady Lazarus Series
Lady Lazarus
Dark Victory
Rebel Angels
The Magic of Fabulous (novella)
The Witch of Budapest (short story)
The World of Lady Lazarus (nonfiction companion)

Science Fiction

The Netherwood Cluster
Fade Away and Radiate (novella)
Into the Real (short story collection)
Saint Valentine’s Day (short story)

Short Stories & Collections

A Work of Darkness
“The Walled Garden”
“Fade Away and Radiate”
“The Upstanders: Silver”
“Saint Valentine’s Day”
“Facial Recognition” (Mirror Shards: Volume 2)
“The King of the River Rats” (Elemental Masters: Elementary 9.5)
“The Triumph of Arachne” (Penumbra #9)
“The Phoenix of Mulberry Street” (Elemental Masters: Elemental Magic 8.5)
“Maiden’s Hope” (Valdemar: No True Way)
“Deathmobile” (Fiction River: Past Crime)
“Sucker’s Game” (Jewish Noir)
“The Weaver” (Fiction River: Sparks)
“She Chooses” (Valdemar: Crucible)
“The Quality of Mercy” (Fiction River: Hidden in Crime)

Uncollected Anthologies

“The Witch of Budapest” (Winter Witches, Uncollected Anthology)
“Lovebirds (Lovespells, Uncollected Anthology)
“Kitty of Death” (Magical Libraries, Uncollected Anthology)
“Fear’s Mirror” (Enchanted Emporiums, Uncollected Anthology) \


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