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An Honest Woman

An Honest Woman

Historical Romance

London, 1877. The pinnacle of Empire. A city of glamour, hidden passion, and danger…
To the Manor Born…
Lord Aramis Russe’s lineage, lands, and fortune could not keep his wife and young son from an early grave. Years later, the devastated Lord Russe intends to grieve alone, but Prince Edward himself plays royal matchmaker — and orders the loyal earl to make an honest woman of one of his beautiful favorites…
Born for Trouble…
Dowager Countess Clementine de Winter, known widely as an American heiress, in fact conceals a shocking secret from the cream of London high society. Her life is in danger, and only Lord Russe can save her.
A love born of desperation…
A secret society, a hatred hatched by war, and a grief so terrible it can hardly be endured. Clementine’s courage and beauty cannot preserve her life or honor.  Can the battle-scarred Lord Russe shield Clementine from danger — and will he win her heart?


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