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BEA Swagtastic Contest: WINNERS

The winners of the BEA swag contest are:

ericawrites, PalaniK, and Donna Carrick!  Please contact me directly so that I can arrange to mail you massive swag :)



  1. Fedora says:

    Congrats, ericawrites, PalaniK, and Donna! Thanks for sharing, Michele!

  2. Mel K. says:

    Congrats, winners!

    Man, do I feel like an ass. I just posted to win. Oh well, maybe next time. :-)

    • admin says:

      Mel — thanks so much for stopping by! I will have a swag contest every time I go to an event where swag is available for swiping — and I’m going to the LIRW luncheon next week :)

      Thanks again for your comments. If I get out to enough swag worthy conferences, maybe I will do a monthly contest so everybody will know when I’m doing a giveaway! Hmmm, that’s an idea…

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