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An Honest Woman

An Honest Woman

Historical Romance

To the Manor Born…
Lord Aramis Russe’s lineage, lands, and fortune could not keep his wife and young son from an early grave. Years later, the devastated Lord Russe intends to grieve alone, but Prince Edward himself plays royal matchmaker — and orders the loyal earl to make an honest woman of one of his beautiful favorites…
Born for Trouble…
Dowager Countess Clementine de Winter, known widely as an American heiress, in fact conceals a shocking secret from the cream of London high society. Her life is in danger, and only Lord Russe can save her.

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Book 2: The Night Docket Series
Book 2: The Night Docket Series

Short Story

Short Story

Everyone faces dark times… Everyone looks for a light to get through…

In Fiction River: Sparks anthology join a girl who struggles to accept the zombie working at her school, a second-rate superhero who might just have what it takes after all, and a young magic-user who must decide whether to break the rules to save the day. These compelling young heroes/heroines prove sometimes it simply takes a spark to light a fire in the darkness.

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Shes running out of time. Can Gwen stop an ancient curse from destroying Camelot and New York City?

Gwen, killer NYC litigator, finds out she's the reincarnation of Queen Guinevere. To save New York, she must go back in time to fix the disaster she caused in Camelot.

Magical nonsense? Not when theres an evil being lurking in her refrigerator, intent on capturing her. Not when Merlin, great mage of Camelot, pops up in the Big Apple on a motorcycle in search of her. And especially not when Gwen finds out that the sexy maniac holding a sword to her throat is Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelotand her husband.

Gwen is both the Queen and the curse. Shes Ms. Pendragon. And shes the only one who can rescue the pastand the future.

A wicked and witty tale of love in Camelot.


"This is simply a fantastic read. Ms. Pendragon has the best Arthur and Guinevere I have seen in years of reading everything I can find about Camelot."

- The Eternal Night Reviews


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