Trade paperback -  September 2010 (Tor)

mass market paperback: May 2011

Romantic Times (4 stars): “This re-telling of the beginning of World War II with angels and demons has an otherworldly feel that will stretch readers’ imaginations. Lang’s fantastic tale will have you rooting for the heroine and holding your breath to see if a lone woman and her guardian angel will be able to free an entire continent from evil.”

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May 2011

This is a non-fiction guide to the world of the LADY LAZARUS historical fantasy series. In this little guide, you will find a window into the historical and metaphysical context for the series – the intense, fascinating café culture of Budapest in the 1930s. A non-fiction collection of information and essays to complement the fantasy series.

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April 2011 (re-release)

Book #1 in the Sacred Circle series!

“This is simply a fantastic read. There is just the right amount of humor to off-set the inherent angst. Ms. Pendragon has the best Arthur and Guinevere I have seen in years of reading everything I can find about Camelot. Merlin is completely charming, and not since Mary Stewart has Mordred received a better treatment. If this is to be a series, I am very anxious for it to continue.” – Amanda Kilgore, The Eternal Night Reviews

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June 2011 (re-release)

Be careful what you wish for…

Vivianne, High Priestess of New York City, once dreamed of a world ruled by magic. But when King Arthur returns, bringing enchantment with him, the Big Apple goes straight to hell.   Viv may have the power to save New York, but she can’t resist the dark seductions of Arthur’s bastard son – Mordred.

Book #2 in the Sacred Circle series!

“As far as the setting, New York, she did a great job melding the Mists and the Big Apple. All the fantasy that was added to the story was believable. I also like how she used that idea that you only see what you want to see.The story it self is “Wow!”, I could not put it down. Everything you expected was turned on its head and I couldn’t read it fast enough to find out how it would all turn out.” – Flying Off The Shelves

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2010 (re-release)

#1 Kindle/Mythology free best seller

A young woman with a turbulent past discovers a secret world under New York City in the 1980s. Here there be magic, and monsters… After surviving a brutal attack, Mireya Rodriguez must start living again. A seemingly chance encounter with a man named Jonathan Mellon leads to magic, romance, and danger in a secret world hidden under the streets of NYC.

“Gorgeous story. Mireya’s a champ.” ~Tez

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